Name: Yama

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 15

Info: the sanctuary's newest resident. It's very easy to make him uneasy, which is probably why he can't sleep at night. He has very low energy, so he doesn't often get chores. He still insists on helping out Arka with whatever chores he has to do, though. He finds socializing with anyone who has a higher than normal amount of energy (Sydney) hard, which is a bit unfortunate considering that's almost everyone at the sanctuary. Almost.

He's rather observant, and very good at keeping track of things. He will often ask questions that usually seem unimportant or unnecessary to others, mainly to try and get a better understanding of why people do what they do. No matter how much he knows about a person, topic, or skill, though, he's still very selective of who exactly gets to know too.

Likes: Napping, Arka, the outdoors, exploring large areas, finding hiding spots, dimly lit areas, people with low energy, soft blankets, fudge, watching other people do things

Dislikes: the dark, insomnia/nightmares, pranks, reading, yelling, ungiven context, the wind, messy foods, taking notes, Wulfsige, and Sydney (sometimes)

Fun facts:
due to his height, he's often mistaken to be younger
pretends not to ask a million questions on things he's curious about
accidentally comes off as a lot more uninterested in people than intended
always loses or forgets things
extremely lucky when it comes to winning games


Colour: Yellow

Room: Dorm

Uniform: M + X

Class: 1

Chores: Sparse

Room: 2

Dessert: Fudge

Animal: Mouse

Birthday: September 1st