Name: Sydney

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 16

Info: the bane of most of the residents' existance. She's always joking around or getting into mischief, which is suprising considering she's a self proclaimed "best friend" of Mal's. She often doesn't know when to draw the line, making her infamous to all of the residents. Rather than being upset about this, she seems rather satisfied with her impact.

She may be a handful, but luckily she can be neutralized with the help of her friend and roommate Athens, who acts as a voice of reason. She is the only one who can stop her from doing dumb stuff without having to threaten chores onto her. She still manages to get up to no good though, as Athens isn't always a perfect role model either.

Likes: Shenanigans, Athens, cabins, pizza, bingo, jello and ice cream, scaring children, eavesdropping, bonfires, Mal, teasing people, being loud

Dislikes: chores, being told what to do, overly formal clothes, handwriting, being outsmarted, puzzles, overachievers, stuff being hidden from her, realizing she's actually wrong after doing something

Fun facts:
could care less about what she wears suprisingly good at cooking
excluding a few specific individuals, she is often more amused than annoyed when insulted
the part of her hair that sticks up falls that way naturally
extremely unreliable with any type of currency


Colour: Orange

Room: Cabin

Uniform: F

Class: 3

Chores: Full

Room: C

Dessert: Jello + ice cream

Animal: Mink

Birthday: July 21st