Name: Mal

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 17

Info: Out of all the residents, Mal has the most power. He leads the others in what chores and classes they take, and is very happy with his role. While he does try his best to avoid wasting time, he usually ends up spending his time with the other three.

Many residents admire his lead role, but some don't respect his position as much. No matter what they think, they listen to him anyways. It's not totally clear how he manages to keep everything in the sanctuary so organized and the people so calm, but in the end all that matters is (almost) everyone is happy!

Likes: Manners, Sydney (sometimes), Arka, Yama, formal clothing, chores, following a very strict schedule, ties, power, bonfires, waking up at exactly four in the morning, gardening, staying in his room, Lux, cheesecake

Dislikes: Schennanigans, troublemakers, louds noises, messy foods, people getting in his way, being proved wrong, Sydney (sometimes), being caught off guard

Fun facts:
has a room to himself, doesn't let anyone in
carries a camera whenever away from the sanctuary, usually doesn't take pictures including people
smiles whenever possible!
has a habit of automatically prioritising getting things done over having fun
always seems to have a solution to any problem he is given


Colour: Purple

Room: Dorm

Uniform: M + X + F

Class: n/a

Chores: Lead

Room: 1

Dessert: Cheesecake

Animal: Skunk

Birthday: March 1st