Name: Arka

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 16

Info: probably the most sane out of everyone in the sanctuary, which is frankly still not very sane. He tries his best to treat everyone with respect, but that's kinda hard when you're constantly in the same vicinity as Sydney. Being so polite and transparent doesn't always pay off, though.

Some people admire his honesty and charming personality, but others take it as a sign of weakness. It doesn't really matter to him, though, because it doesn't affect him anyways. All that matters is that he has all the friends he could ever want right in front of him.. right??

Likes: Being polite, Yama, transparency, warm clothes, swimming, board/card games, quality time, chocolate covered strawberries, guests, posters, painting (even though he sucks at it), admiring the garden, baking

Dislikes: Schennanigans, the cold, plans being cancelled, ignorance, the rain, Sydney (sometimes), being ignored, being lied to, lying, being the centre of attention, gossip

Fun facts:
always wears a scarf and jacket, even when it's warm out
before Yama's arrival, per request, he was allowed a single room by himself
only two residents have seen him without eyepatch
the white and black hair is one hundred percent natural!!
chronic worrier


Colour: Teal

Room: Dorm

Uniform: M

Class: 2

Chores: Full

Room: 2

Dessert: Chocolate covered strawberries

Animal: Cat

Birthday: November 13th