Welcome all fungus to the fungus realm

Saprophyte is a complitation of several stories in the form of comics, writings, videos, and more. It follows Francis Saprophyte, a cat-guy made of fungus, as he navigates the world he lost memory of. Dangerous lands, intimidating creatures, and infinite possibilities... what else could you want!

Saprophyte is based off of the mini series originaly posted to twitter, fungy cat (fungycatcomic), which was originally supposed to be purely a comedy. Making the comic, however, I began to realize I liked the characters a lot more than I could fit into a goofy comic. And so, Saprophyte was born. A semi-serious retelling of fungy cat, and enough tomfoolery to stay true to the original.

This site is best viewed on computer, as that is where it's intended to be viewed from. Pictures may seem distorted and textboxes a bit stretched on mobile devices. If you cannot view from a computer, I reccomend putting your device in landscape mode!!